Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Not sure Personality Profiling

Personality profiling, sometimes called psychometric testing or psychological profiling, helps us understand someone's psychological profile in a particular situation.


It will not tell you things about how smart they are|It isn't a indication of intelligence or ability.


It will reveal things about their preferred behaviour|However you will learn about something about how they behave.


Here we will deal with what personality profiling is and perhapshow to make use of it in your business or your life.

Profiling at the office

We can apply profiling in all sorts of ways in your organisation. For over fifty years it is often applied;


Employee assessments

Coaching and Development

Team Development

Recruiting with Personality

Are you hiring? You probably have discovered that even though some personality types will may excel, the vast majority will not. This is regardless of their qualifications or experience. An individual's personality type determines how well they cope with the work environment you are offering.


Ideally you should to recruit “Naturals” over “Forced Fits”.


A “Natural” will find your work environment compatible with their personality profile. This is because they work to their strengths. “Naturals” are less likely to quit and deliver better results.


“Forced Fits” will always struggle with your work environment. They have to invest a lot of energy just to cope with your environment. So People Maps invented SPB. This helps you determine what your work environment is and which personality types are most likely to cope with it.

How To Profile People

Lots of people ask this question, how do you profile people. It's pretty much impossible to do this manually.You need a system, which is a combination of some questions and an algorithm, and some content to output.


However the practical way to profile people is to use one of the established systems. It takes years of refinement and development to produce a profiler that can be relied upon. People Maps invested a fortune and many many years to develop its profiler. Be very careful of any system that tool less than that.


Are you looking for FBI profiling? Then that's a very different subject and it's not what this piece is about.

Tools for Profiling

With so many systems to choose from. You must be ensuring you select the right one. Will it last the test of time?. It takes years to refine a system to produce repeatable results.


Will it do what you need it to do?. There is no such thing as a personality report as they are all very different, picking the right one can be difficult. Is it an internet system?|Make sure it has been designed to be used over the web|These days everything has to work over the internet.


Very few the platforms are as perfect as they claim to be. Check the questionnaire is fast as well as accurate. Find out who the psychologist is underpinning it.

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